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Popular TV Presenter Battles Kidney Disease

A popular television personality, Emmanuel Ugolee is currently battling kidney disease and is due for a transplant.

Several celebrities have shown a tremendous level of support to the broadcaster by using their social media pages to solicit for donations.

Emmanuel Ugoleee, who was diagnosed with stage 5 kidney disease in 2012, requires a total of $100,000 (N50 million) to undergo a transplant at the University of Maryland in the United States.

“He is currently dealing with stenosis of a major vein which is blotting his upper body even after a recent 8-hour surgery in the Kano state teaching hospital.”

“His physicians admit that his body is getting tired and would best need the transplant soon. He is looking increasing weak and sick and it is dangerous to let this go on,” said Linda Ikeji.

Veteran DJ, Jimmy Jatt, also called for support, saying Ugolee has “quietly handled” his ailment for many years, but it has now gone beyond him.

Jimmy Jatt wrote: “This man right here is my friend turned brother. This man right here is a mentor, an inspiration, a motivator, an extremely brilliant person. This man right here is an asset to the world. He has quietly handled his situation alone for several years but it has now gone beyond him. He needs our support.”

Kidney Disease
Emmaneul Ugolee

A music producer/singer, DJinee said Ugolee informed him that he could no longer undergo dialysis as his blood vessels have become extremely weak.

“Emma Ugolee called me yesterday and his words were ‘Bro, the doctors said they can’t continue to prick me anymore. My blood vessels are collapsing from five years of dialysis. They said I have to do the surgery now’.”

“I sunk. Because I have been with him for close to half the dialysis sessions and witnessed firsthand the pain that comes with the many complications including one failed kidney transplant. How he remains so strong and optimistic beats me. My friend is not perfect but he is a good soul and he deserves better from life.

“Always looking out for everyone even in his state. In fact, I witnessed one of those sessions where he paid for another patient who was in the same ward, strapped to the dialyser as he was.

“And there were many of such bailouts from Emma. His refusal for 5 years to solicit for public help characterises Emma’s personality. Some might call it pride but I call it the refusal of a man to burden others with “his problem”.

“So when he called yesterday, it wasn’t that he had given up but our (his friends) collective cry for help.

Popular comedian, Ali Baba, painted an emotional picture of the condition of him.

Ali Baba wrote: “One of the most cerebral guys I know. Down to earth. He doesn’t ask. So this is really strange. He comes to you as the host of #TheGist on HipTv… but he is far gone. Many who knew him from his days at Globacom have asked what is he up to.

“The truth is, he has not been up to… he is down with kidney issues and he has been battling it. The part that has weakened him the most has been the reality of how many who go to Dialysis with him on Monday. Don’t make it on the next appointment. That can be heart wrenching and draining. So what can you do… do it”.



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