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5 Reasons Men Date Beautiful Women But Never Marry Them

 Most Men worship and adore beautiful women. They will often appreciate them but the truth is they will never marry them even if they date them. That is why you will find that a married man has a woman who tends to be more beautiful and attractive than his wife. Here are some of the reasons why men date attractive women but never marry them.

  1. Attractive Women Mostly Seek For Attention

A man will look for a woman who will take care of him and his family. Not a woman who will dress up, go out and leave other men drooling over her. Men will prefer simple women who will not attract a lot of attention.

  1. Men Are Insecure About Beautiful Women

No man will want to spend most of his time wondering who his wife is meeting or where she is or what she might be doing. Men are aware that these kinds of women will be hit on by most men and thus, they will always be insecure. Marrying a woman that is not attractive will save the man from insecurity all the time.

  1. Men Fear Attractive Women

Men will find it hard to go after attractive women as they fear being rejected. Those who have the guts to approach them are mostly unserious ones who will simply use them, dump them and then look for other women with the similar traits.

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  1. Attractive Women Are Costly

Attractive women have their standards. They keep up with all the latest, classy fashion trends and they will want them all. Their shoes, clothes and makeup are all expensive. In short, attractive women have a high cost of maintenance and most men cannot meet up with that.

  1. Most Attractive Women Don’t Want To Give Birth

An attractive woman will do anything to maintain that 8-figure shape even if it means not giving birth. These types of women believe that giving birth will make them put some weight and may end up losing their shape. They also pay too much attention to their looks and will never have time to look after their kids.


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