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See Why Most Women Don’t Enjoy Sex

Some women struggle to get pleasure from sex. It is a common issue and also a complicated one because the reasons for these feelings differ from one woman to another. It may be a physical issue, a psychological issue, or both. The situation can make women and their partners feel isolated or less connected

Even though reaching sexual climax or not has no effect on women’s ability to conceive, it has a great deal of effect on how much they get pleasure from sex.

Thus, it is important to understand and deal with the issues why most women don’t enjoy sex or reach sexual climax. One of the reasons is, men are able to reach sexual climax quicker than women, as a result of the nerves that trigger that intense pleasure situated within the glands (head of the penis). Its stimulation is usually through rubbing the vaginal walls during sex, which helps them to ejaculate in quickly. But for women, those nerves that ought to drive them to achieve orgasm don’t seem to be really within the vagina where they can be stimulated during intercourse; they are situated in the clitoris, which is located at the anterior end of the female genital organ, or say towards the upper part of the vaginal opening.

Due to the location, the clitoris, which is female’s most sensitive zone, is usually indirectly stimulated by the penis during intercourse. Thus, a large number of women aren’t able to climax, even though the sexual act lasts for a longer time.  According to studies, sexual intercourse is usually between 33 seconds and 14 minutes, and understandably, some men may take longer before they ejaculate, but notwithstanding the length of time, a number of women may still not achieve orgasm.

It is for no hidden reason therefore, that some women who are unable to achieve orgasm get to that destination once their clitoris is stimulated by their mere hand, just because that is where the nerves are.

According to Dr. Olamoyegun Michael, a consultant endocrinologist, the number one reason women don’t reach climax through penetrative sex is the inadequate stimulation of the clitoris by the male penis during intercourse. He said some women really do reach orgasm but that a big percentage of women don’t reach that peak and that it is as a result of so many factors. He said, even among women who claim to achieve that level fake it to satisfy their partner or not to reduce his ego.

He added, “Clitoris is situated at the upper part of the female vagina wall and because of that location, penetrative sex may not drive it to reach orgasm in some women, unless you use some other means.

“However, some women will reach orgasm through penetration, which depends on the experience of both of them, how big the woman is, how huge the man is, the technique and a few other factors. So, it is not hidden that clitoris can have an effect on their ability to achieve orgasm or its frequency.

Hence, there are several ways to sexual satisfaction; including the stimulation of nipples, the earlobes and caressing. And once the woman’s sensual zone is explored during sexual activity, it takes them to that destination.

However, given these choices, some women still don’t reach orgasm. Olamoyegun explained that women who have previously been sexually abused or raped, or are being abused or molested by their husbands may find it difficult to achieve orgasm and those who are frigid may also find it hard to reach orgasm as a result of their past experience. He added that those that have worries, challenges and those who have financial problems may also find it hard to climax as a result of their state of mind.


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