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Senate Okays Data Price Hike Says ‘It’s In National Interest’

The Senate Committee on Communications has said the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) acted in the national interest on the issue of data price increase, reports DailyTrust.

The Committee, which visited the NCC headquarters in Abuja yesterday as part of its oversight functions, said Nigerians should see the commission as being on their side on the issue of data price hike.

Senator Solomon Olamilekan (Lagos West) who spoke on behalf of the Committee members said the NCC had taken some commendable steps to sanitize the telecom industry and the data price hike was one of them.

Senator Olamilekan noted the roles played by the leadership of the NCC under Prof. Umar Danbatta, especially the commission’s handling of the MTN’s 1.04 trillion naira fine and the recent outcry over the planned increase on data tariff, saying the NCC did not disappoint Nigerians.

“Each time we invited the leadership of the agency to the National Assembly, they honoured our invitation and responded to our inquiries, particularly during the MTN issue, and of recent the data price floor. They have acted in national interests and Nigerians see NCC as being on their side” Olamikan, who is the vice chairman of the Senate Committee on Communications, said.


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