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Top Singer Impregnates Secondary School Girl

A top singer has admitted to having unprotected sex with a secondary school girl but denies he impregnated her

As a celebrity, it means most of your life is in the limelight and you’re subject to scrutiny.

Sometimes celebrities go extra mile to do the unimaginable, for example having sex with underage.

This act usually ends such celeb’s career.

The last to find himself between a rock and a hard place is singer Abdul Kiba, a brother of Ali Kiba, a Tanzanian recording artist.

A 19-year-old girl has come out to say that Abdul slept with her, had unprotected sex and made her pregnant.

Nasra Salum, 19, a form 2 student at Isqama Islamic Academy in Oman, says that Abdul asked for her contacts on Instagram and when she sent, he started chatting her and they met later on.

Nasra stayed with her aunty in Oman.

“He began seducing me, using all manner of sweet words on me. My aunty was fed with my uncontrollable behaviour and booked me a flight to Tanzania,” Nasra told Tanzania’s global Publishers.

In Tanzania, she stayed together with her sister in Dar-es-Salaam and struck a deal to visit Abdul at his place in Tabata.


Nasra says she stayed at Abdul’s place for 2 days where they had unprotected sex.

After that Abdul started ignoring her and went on to block her on all social media platforms.

Months later she discovered she was pregnant when she went for tests.

However, Abdul who admitted having unprotected sex with Nasra denied that he impregnated her.

“I don’t believe she is pregnant. However, it is true that I had unprotected sex with her for 2 days at my place. However, i think she is longing for fame through me. I blocked her contact after she became stubborn. It is not true that she is a student. When I met her, she told me that she is a businesswoman based in Oman. I seduced her,” the singer said when interviewed by global Publishers.



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