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8 Ways To Survive Mother-in-law

One big fear women have about marriage is their mother in law. However, most women fail to realize that daughter/mother-in-law relationship can be the most interesting relationship you will have in your married life. Below are 5 ways you can make this happen.

  1. Always Remember That She Was His First Love:

You fail to realize that your mother-in-law nurtured your man to become the Man you are crazy about today. What you think you have done for him, that’s driving him crazy, she has done even much more before you met your prince charming. So, when you treat him poorly in her eyes, she won’t be happy. Hence, all you need to is to present yourself as a respectful wife to her.

2. Never See Your Mother-In-Law As Your Rival:

Actions begin from contemplations and you, nursing such hazardous thoughts will just lead you off track. Consider her to be who she is: your mother-in-law, the mother of your husband, and ideally, your newest female companion. She is not your rival. A few women enter marriage with a nuclear arsenal and the attitude of “wrecking” their ‘enemy’. Try not to make issues for yourself. As a lady thinketh in her heart, so she is.

3. She Wants The Best For Him:

When she gave birth to him, she had dreams for him; prayed day & night for the dream to come true. So, she begins to struggle with how to leave him in your care just like that. Please, note that it’s not a personal vendetta against you, it could be to any woman he chooses to be with.

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4. The Fear Of Losing Him Completely:

She was the decision maker before you came into his life. Now, he listens to you and your decision stands. These are fears that race through her mind. Once you understand this, you should be smart enough to sympathize with her by responding with wisdom. To put it plainly, do not take everything personal.

5. Try Not To Put Him In A Tight Corner:

A few women go to the extent of giving the man an ultimatum or asking that annoying question to choose in between you and his mother. If you can’t differentiate between maternal affection and spousal love, then you are not prepared to become a wife. Your parts are distinctive, particular and separate.

6. Build A Strong Relationship With Her And Limit The Info You Give To Her:

As much as you want to build a strong, you should also limit the information you share. When your mother-in-law knows how much your husband gives you as a monthly allowance or how much you spend, this could mean you’re sharing too much info with her. The less she knows, the less she has to throw in your face.

7. Do Not Be Too Forward:

Inasmuch as you are to be proactive when relating with your mother-in-law, do not try too hard to impress. Do not go to her place every day (familiarity breeds contempt) but see her on special occasions or when she requests to see your lovely face (with or without your husband and kids)

8. Respect Her As You Would Your Own Mother:

Don’t wait for her respect before you respect her. Some people say, “I only respect people who respect me”. People who follow this notion tend to have poor relationships in general.


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