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Unmarried Men Are ‘Useless’ – Marriage Counselor

Popular Ghanaian radio and television relationship counsellor, Reverend Cyril George Carstensen Lutterodt has described unmarried men as ‘useless’.

Reverend Lutterodt Likened unmarried men as spoilt vegetables in a dustbin.

He said single men including reverend Fathers and even the Pope lack the blessings of God in marriage.

In an interview with Atinka FM, Accra, Ghana, the controversial counsellor said:

“Marrying a woman is a blessing. A man who is of age, yet not married is as useless as a spoilt vegetable in a dustbin including the reverend fathers and popes. I, therefore, urge the men of today to wake up and marry. Stop the laziness for the grace of God to shine upon your entire life! There is a special form of blessing reserved for only married people”

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The marriage Counsellor said, though some women will scare men from marriage, it is not a guarantee for any man to remain a single.

He maintained that “marriage is what makes you a man and he who finds a wife obtains favour from God. No man can be very successful if he is not married so if you go for the woman and you can’t take care of her curses await you.”

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