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U.S. Election: Two Electoral Officials Fired

 Two electoral officials who were fired in Florida on Tuesday 7th November 2016 after a disturbance was reported to the Broward Sheriff’s office.

 According to ABC, the office did not give details on the disturbance reported.

Electoral officials said the fired clerks were replaced by an assistant clerk.

Meanwhile, the campaign of Donald Trump, Republican Presidential Nominee, has filed a lawsuit in Nevada, Las Vegas.


The campaign is claiming that a county improperly kept some polling locations open on the last night of early voting.

The suit, filed in state court, claims people who were not in line when polls closed at some Las Vegas locations were able to vote on Friday.

Nevada law allows people already waiting when the elections close to cast ballots.

The suit against Clark County is not aimed at votes cast on Tuesday.

“This type of lawsuit is not unusual in presidential elections,” CNBC said in a report.

Multiple reports have said Nevada, a key battleground state, saw a strong early voter turnout among Latinos, who largely favored Trump’s rival Hillary Clinton in most surveys leading up to the election.


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