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New Virus/Malware That Can Empty Your Bank Account

A Security firm COMODO just reported that “Tordow,” a banking Trojan first discovered in September 2016, received a massive update this December. The new “Tordow 2.0” virus stands out among other types of the virus because it has the ability to gain root access on Android devices. This makes Tordow 2.0 especially vicious, as it enables the malware to do the following:

*Empty out online bank accounts

*Steal login credentials

*Act as ransomware

*Make phone calls and control SMS texts

*Reboot your phone

*Visit websites

*Encrypt and/or rename files

*Scan web browsers like Chrome for sensitive information

*Access contacts

Tordow 2.0, in short, is capable of doing almost anything it wants to do on your phone. As of now, the virus is mainly isolated to Russia, but cyber security experts are keeping close tabs on Tordow and its movements.

“Although the majority of victims have been in Russia, successful hacker techniques usually migrate to other parts of the globe,” Comodo explains.

It is almost impossible to remove Tordow 2.0 due to its ability to root.

Once downloaded, the malware spreads to every nook and cranny of the host device’s system and files. The only effective way to rid yourself of Tordow is flashing a stock ROM into your device. Simply doing a hard reset on the device won’t work.



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