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WhatsApp Increases File Sharing Limit, Adds GIF Search

WhatsApp just introduced a new feature (but it’s still in beta version) Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) search which allows users search for and add GIFs without leaving the messaging platform.

WhatsApp added support for GIFs some months ago, although it was limited to sharing GIFS stored on your phone.

The new update makes it easier to search through Giphy’s extensive library and add GIFs directly from within WhatsApp’s interface. The update also increases the media sharing limit from 10 to 30.

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Users can access the GIF search by selecting the emoji button to the left of the text box. Once you’re in the emoji selection window, you will see an option to toggle between emoji and GIFs. The other tab shows you a list of popular GIFs, and there’s also an option to search through Giphy if you have a particular keyword in mind.

The ability to search GIFs is now live in the beta version (1.27.7), and should be rolling out soon.


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