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Whatsapp Video Calling: How To Install It

WhatsApp video call feature which was recently introduced for a better improvement of WhatsApp messaging has continued to stimulate discussion at every corner.

The feature was officially launched and released on Tuesday and is now being rolled out to iPhone, Android, and Windows users.

WhatsApp has also started rolling out a new video-calling feature to users in India, estimated at 150 million.

The mobile messaging application, which Facebook bought for $19.3 billion in 2014, has over a billion users across the globe.

Valuewalk reports that the video feature was introduced because sometimes voice and text just aren’t enough.

The now popular application only allows person-to-person video calls.

The feature prescribes that all you simply need is to update the feature to make your first video call. If your iOS or Android device is not set to receive automatic updates, or if you are not sure if WhatsApp has been updated, simply go to the App Store or Google Play and check for available updates.

If you don’t see the video calling option, or if WhatsApp video calling is not working, or if WhatsApp video calls are giving you an error, you could download the WhatsApp beta version APK to see if things work any better. Follow the steps below if you cannot wait for WhatsApp video calling.

Here Are Tips On How To Get Whatsapp Video Calling Set Up.

  • Open Google Play and search for WhatsApp
  • Open WhatsApp’s Google Play listing
  • Scroll down towards the bottom of the page
  • In the section that says Become a beta tester tap on I’M IN
  • Confirm on the next screen and wait for a few minutes
  • Come back to WhatsApp listing page on Google Play
  • You should see an option to Update WhatsApp to beta version
  • iPhone users may have to wait for WhatsApp video calling to be made available to them

Tips On How To Make A Whatsapp Video Call

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Go to the Contacts tab
  • Find and tap the contact you want to initiate a WhatsApp video call with
  • Tap on the phone icon towards the top of the screen
  • From the popup choose Video call
  • That’s it, you’ve just made your first WhatsApp video call!


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