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VIDEO: Woman “Disciplines” A Man In Table Tennis Match

A video of a woman of about 40 years taking on a man in a table tennis match has left many social media users fascinated.

The lefty woman displayed exceptional dexterity in the match and outperformed her male opponent.


While many Facebook users commended the unidentified woman for her amazing skill, others expressed regret that her talent was left untapped by the country.

“…who knows what she would have become another Serena Williams…she could have put Nigeria on the spotlight globally (sic),” a commenter, Oredolapo said.

This woman is more than an ordinary street player….she must have been a state or national champion before……is there no veteran tournament where she can be playing…..this woman is loaded seriously….she is too much for the streets especially her age grade,” another facebook commenter, Ikechukwu added.

Watch the video below:

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  1. This woman should be an addictive table player when she was much younger I believe

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