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Woman Gives Birth To A Headless Baby

A  Zimbabwe woman is feared to have given birth to a headless baby at a hospital in Masvingo, health officials have stated.

The woman (whose name has been withheld) is said to have given nurses the shock of their lives after she prematurely gave birth to twins; one of which is feared dead.

“It is true there is a case like that, but it is very rare to have such a situation though it is generally known as a congenital abnormality, which is basically a deformation that occurs to a foetus during the early stages of pregnancy.

“The headless foetus was incompatible with life after premature birth, while the other twin which was born alive, but with a very big head, died after a few minutes,” Acting Masvingo provincial medical director Dr. Amadeus Shamu has revealed


Meanwhile, the woman has been detained at the hospital as health official monitor her situation.

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Source : allafrica.com


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