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Woman Forcefully Grabs R. Kelly’s Cassava On Stage

 Award-winning multi-talented R&B singer and producer, R. Kelly was lucky to walk away with his sack on, on Friday Night after a lady forcefully grabbed his eggplant at Christmas show in Detroit.

R. kelly visited the famed fox theatre in Detroit on Friday night (December 2) in an effort to spread some holiday cheer as part of his “12 nights of Christmas” tour.

Little did he know that he would be the recipient of the rare gift known as the OTPHJ. The singer is known to get intimate with his fans, though he is lucky to still have his jewels intact after making his nether regions vulnerable to one particular lady, who positioned herself at the front of the stage with the intent of making a play for Kelly most prized instrument.

The fan was basically following orders. “Keep rubbin’ it baby,” Kelly sings, clearly directing her hands below the belt. The woman’s rubbing efforts are reminiscent of the under-the-table scene in “wedding crashers.” “Now grab it,” he yells triumphantly, suddenly jutting out his pelvis to reveal the “it” in question.

R. Kelly couldn’t have predicted just how forceful the ensuing grasp was. He was lucky to back away in enough time to avoid dismemberment.

Kelly was so surprised at the audacity of the woman’s left hand that he had to stop singing to regain his composure. “That’s how they do it in the d?” he asked the crowd, seemingly made up of mostly females. “i like that sh*t,” exclaimed Kells.

When it comes to a woman’s hands, i suppose kells believes no chill is better than too much.

A similar incident happened in June that he commanded his female attendees to “grab it.”

Watch The Footage Below:


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