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Yahoo Suffers World’s Biggest Hack

Yahoo has discovered a 3-year-old security breach that enabled a hacker to hack over 1 billion user accounts, breaking the company’s own humiliating record for the biggest security breach in history. 

The digital heist disclosed Wednesday occurred in August 2013, more than a year before a separate hack that Yaho0 announced nearly 3 months ago.

That breach affected at least 500 million users, which had been the most far-reaching hack until the latest revelation.

A Billion Users have been hacked

“It’s shocking,” security expert said

Both lapses occurred during the reign of Marissa Mayer, Yaho0 CEO, a once-lauded leader who found herself unable to turn around the company in the 4 years since her arrival.

Earlier in 2016, Yahoo agreed to sell its digital operations to Verizon Communications for $4.8 billion a deal that may now be imperiled by the hacking revelations.

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